Ben 10: Archery

Ben likes fighting alien and that is a fact. Everybody knows that, but what what everyone doesn't know is that Ben is like a regular guy that takes up some hobby to have some fun. Most of the time, he would play baseball with his peers, but what interest him the most is the sport "archery". This sport separates the men from the boys because this is the real deal. Not only you are going to have some fun doing, you are improving your skills. You can use this skills in hunting or as a self defense when times has gone bad. That is why; Ben loves this sport because he gets excited with this sport. Kind of like the same excitement that he gets from fighting evil aliens.

The game is played via mouse. The idea of the game is to shoot the moving target. The target moves up and down repeatedly. If you manage to shoot the target, you get back your arrow, but it will be lost if you don't. This game has everything to do with timing. As the target moves up and down, you need to shoot your arrow before the targets goes down. This way, the arrow hits the target at the right time.

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