Ben 10: Jogging

Nowadays, obesity seems to be a problem for everybody. Of course, some people don't have that big problem since they exercise a lot and watch what they eat. Most people thinks that if they lift heavy weight all at once, they will lose weight, but the truth is further than what they think. Most of the time, they tend to overeat to recover from the muscle fatigue. They get some muscles, alright, but they become bigger and that is something that Ben Tennyson don't want to happen to him. He is a hero fighting some aliens so he needs to move fast or he will get it. Getting those big muscles won't help him in fighting the aliens sine they are much powerful than any humans. Besides, he got the omnitrix to let him transform into a powerful alien. So, the answer to the big question on what his preference for physical fitness is none other than jogging. A simple way to exercise yet one of the most effective way to lose fat.

In this game, you will be jogging outdoors, but the problem is that there are too much obstacles. The obstacles here are the normal things that you see outside your home. You need t avoid them either by jumping or docking.

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