Ben 10: Demon Hunter

Ben10 is always fighting the evil aliens that are trying to conquer the galaxy, but there are times that he also go after the evil scientist that want to dominate the world. Though, their goal is less than conquering the galaxy, that doesn't mean that it would be easier for Ben to fight them. They are as tough as any aliens that Ben fights. However, there is a time when Ben fights the inter dimensional beings. Apparently, Ben got trap in a weird planet when he was after Vilgax. The being there are demons that will kill anyone on sight. Ben can't rely on his omnitrix as it is not working on that planet. Fortunately for him that he was able to find an ancient robot that he can control. Ben uses the robot to fight the demons.

Blast those demons away that want to kill you. Try to get as much gems as possible for added points. Try to avoid the projectiles that these demons are throwing as you are not indestructible. These demons seem to be formidable, but keep on blasting them and they will vanish. Ben must escape the planet in one piece. The idea here is to keep on fighting till the end.

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