Ben 10: Extreme Shooter 2

Ben 10 is a threat for the evil aliens and that is why they hate him. for them, he is the one thing that can spoil their evil plans. Because of that, they are attacking Ben's hometown. Eliminating Ben is their first priority and there are no other way than to go full force on Ben. But, Ben isn't going to let them win the war as he is ready to face them with or without his omnitrix. Sadly, he would need to face them without the omnitrix as it is broken for the moment. It will take weeks before Azmuth can repair it. He would need to gather some materials around the galaxy and that would take a long time. For now, Ben would need to depend on his shooter to defend himself and his town from attacking aliens.

The game is played via mouse and you need to eliminate all the alien threat in the area before you can move to the next level. How far will the bullet go depends on how you point the mouse. You need to extend the shooting range according to the location of the alien for you to kill them. Each level will be different and some levels would need you to shoot the aliens indirectly.

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