Ben 10: Boxing 2

Ben likes to fight alien. Unfortunately, those evil alien are rare so he will need a hobby if he wants to keep in shape and prepare for those bad aliens. A sport that is physical is just right for him as it will enhance his thinking capability during a fight. One of the sports that he like right now is boxing since this sport will give him the preparation that he needs in a big fight. One day, while he was walking down the road, he saw a boxing tournament going on. He thought to himself that this will help him experience the thrill of a real fight and earn money at the same time.

The game is a boxing match and we all know that in a boxing fight, you need to come the victor to get the money. However, this game doesn't involve money, but you will get stronger after every match. A good strategy is the turtle neck since this make champions. Punch your way to the championship. You and your opponent heals in due time so you need to make sure that you your opponent can't recover by giving him all you got. If that don't work then you would be in big trouble.

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