Ben 10: Tow Truck

It is true that aside from fighting aliens, Ben has a hobby to keep himself in shape, but as we all know, hobbies don't come for free. Even Ben will need a job in order for him to keep that hobby going. He might be a teenager and the savior of the world, but that won't earn him money. Like everyone else, he needs a job to pay for whatever he likes. As he was walking down the alley, he notice an ad that said that they need a tow truck driver. Ben was fortunate enough to get the job even though, he was just a minor.

Drive the truck as fast as possible to get to the finish line. However, you need to drive extra careful since the road ahead are perilous and one slip could be your end. Those cars need to be deliver to the pounding area so the owners would be required to pay for them to be retrieve. Grab those omnitrix on the road for added points. There are many vehicles blocking a road, but that won't be a problem if you are employing some safety measures while driving. There are no time limit in this game so enjoy and finish the truck as safely as possible.

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