Ben 10: At the Dentist

No one can deny that Ben is a brave boy. As a matter of fact, he is braver than most adults. He could fight the aliens head on and beat them. Of course, he can beat him with the help of his alien device, but still, the boy have some guts to stand off against these menacing freaks from the galaxy. However, everyone has their weakness and not even the marvelous Ben Tennyson is without this. As you guess it, like any other kids today, he fears going to the dentist, but that is something that he need to get over as his teeth need some repair.

The game is played via mouse and you need to interact with the surrounding to play the game. Ben teeth needs some serious work so you will need to be the dentist that will repair his teeth. On the table, you could see different devices that are use for repairing the teeth. Each of the devices has its special use. Give some water to Ben to rinse his mouth. After that, begins the cleaning process and you need to get rid of the bad teeth. Replace it with a healthy teeth so Ben would not be shy to smile.

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