Ben 10: Bubble Trouble

The aliens are attacking and from the look of things, they are becoming wiser and wiser by the minute. They are using engineered bubbles to do the dirty work for them. This way Ben couldn't harm them, but these bubbles could harm everyone so Ben can't use his alien power on those bubbles. Fortunately, the Plumbers is always there to help as they give Ben a specialized blaster that can deal with the bubble threats. They know that once Ben has contacted with one of those bubbles, Ben could die immediately so by using the blaster, Ben is able to dispose of the bubbles that are fatal to all living things.

The idea of this game is to eradicate the bubbles to extinction. One shot at the bubble will not destroy it as it will split and turn smaller. The bubble breaks into smaller pieces every time you hit it. Just hit again and again until it is gone. There are power ups in the game and they will come from the bubble. But, they rarely shows up and is always close to the bubble. You can use your blaster to access the power of the power ups.

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