Ben 10: Street King

Ben Tennyson is all powerful when he is an alien, but does he have the strength to defeat his enemies if he don't have the omnitrix. This is what his enemies will find out. The Forever Knights finds away to block the power of the Omnitrix so the alien device can't be use for now. Fortunately, Ben knew some karate as he was thought by Gwen. Ben uses his karate to defend himself against the horde of enemies that want him killed. Unfortunately, Ben can't use his alien device to fight his, but his kicks and punches can still knock out some of the toughest thugs around the neighborhood.

This game is about Ben not using his power. You will start on the roof and collect some Omnitrix. Try to collect 100 Omnitrix to be able to use your alien device again. You need to jump from building to building, but there will be no enemies there so you need to go down the street, where there are thugs around in every corner. Beat all those thugs and the boss will appear. The boss will be a lot harder than those thugs so be prepared for it.

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