Ben 10: Jumpin High

Ben Tennyson is a competitive kid as he never gives up at anything. If you can see how he fights against the invading alien then you would also say that he is really competitive. There is nothing that he will turn his back to without giving it a try. Some aliens were trying to know, which specie can jump the most. All of them jump so high, but they were all amazed when Ben step in and jump the highest. This only proves that aside from his alien power, Ben is that competitive when it comes to almost anything. Though, he may not win at other sports, he would certainly do his best before quitting.

The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. The idea of the game is to jump as high as you can till you can't go on anymore. You start off by jumping. From then on, you need to land on those omnitrix to propel up in the sky further. Beware of those asteroid because they will send you down. If you can't jump on the omnitrix fast then that will be your end as you will fall from the sky faster than you can react.

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