Ben 10: Madness

Ben 10 is in pursuit of some of worst scums of the universe. In his pursuit, he landed in another planet, where he needs a car to catch the scums. These scums are also using some car to escape and have blended in well with the other cars on the road. However, Ben has some help from local citizens so Ben can easily know it from the information that he would get from the local citizens. Besides, Ben is well known even in other universe so it would be a pleasure for its inhabitants to give such information to our young hero.

Drive as fast as you can and look for the targets. You will see an arrow pointing to the targets when you are close to them. Grab some Omnitrix on the road for some added points. Remember to avoid collisions with other cars other than your target because you are taking damage and when our car can't stand it anymore, it will crash. There are usually four targets in each level. It is very elementary to avoid colliding with other vehicles that aren't your target for obvious reasons. But there are times that you can't avoid this, but you need to at least try to limit it.

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