Ben 10: Overkill Apache

Ben Tennyson loses his omnitrix, but he has been fighting aliens for so long that he felt the urge to fight. The military was recruiting some pilots and luckily for Ben that he knows how to pilot an apache. He becomes the new pilot of an apache and he was sent to war using the apache fighter jet. The war is intense so the soldiers really need some heavy back up coming from the sky. Sadly, the enemies has their own fighter jets so this will be a top battle for our young hero. But knowing our hero, he would never back out from a fight.

Control the Fighter jet using the keyboard. Destroy anything that cross your eyes and make sure that you won’t get hit either by the projectiles or with the enemy itself. The game is a non-stop so you need to be ready for am all out war. There will be some powerups and life restore dropping from the sky. However, these powerups wouldn’t last long so you need to keep getting the powerups dropping from the sky. you have three lives in the game, but each fighter jet has life bar and when that life bar has gone down to zero then it will explode.

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