Ben 10: Torpedo

Zombies have taken our land and all seems to be lost, but wait, there is still hope. We still have Ben and he will undoubtedly fight for us. However, his alien powers seems to be gone as he can't transformed into an alien. He had relied on guns so far, but when just all things were lost, he finally showed his power and transformed into one of them aliens. It seems that he is reserving his strength for the big boss. It just shows that he can handle this alien outbreak well even without his alien powers. It also proves that we can fight for our lives even without Ben. He is truly a great hero as he has shown us that we can fight for our lives. All is not loss after all.

The idea of the game is to get to the finish line. No, you won't be driving a vehicle, but you can see your progress as you move forward. You can use your gun to defend yourself. Hit those floating food to replenish your life bar. You will get the prize money when you reach the finish line. Upgrade your weapons so you can fight better against the invading alien zombies.

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