Ben 10: Super Golfer

We all know that Ben is great when it comes to beating those alien menace, but what is he upto when he has no alien to fight. Everyone needs a hobby as work is not always there. This is the same thing when there are no alien to fight for Ben. Well, like other guys, he also got a hobby and this is a peculiar one since he likes playing golf inside his house. That is not usual, since most guys would want to play golf outside their house. Ben does the opposite because he likes to challenge himself. He thought that the enclosement would make it even harder. Besides his house is full of obstacles already as there are lots of trash around.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shot your ball to the goal with the least stroke. It is just like the real golf, but this one is done indoors. You need to get pass all the obstacle before you can get close to the hole. You need to do that over and over until your ball gets in the hole. There are no secret in the game as you just need to try and try again until you are able to.

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