Ben 10: Diamond Hunter

When Ben found out that there are diamonds on the ocean, he didn't hesitate to come and collect them. Diamond is a rare gem and owning at least one means that you are rich. To own more than one would make you a millionaire. Ben thought that if he could get more than 50 then he wouldn't need to work for most of his life. He would just live the good life at his young age and enjoy all of his life leaving a life of a millionaire. Of course, fighting those aliens would still make him happy as he enjoys a good fight, but having money is another thing that would make him money. In fact, most people would just choose the latter over excitement anytime.

In this game, you need to collect as much diamond as you can within a minimum time frame. The objective is to gather at least the required amount of diamond. The required amount is mentioned at the start of every level. Collecting the required amount assure you of a shot at the next level. However, this game is not without any danger as there are obstacles around. The cruise ship, island, floating ice bergs are all obstacles on your path;thus they should be avoided at all cost.

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