Ben 10: Speed Racer

Ben Tennyson is the kind of person that wants thrill in his life. He like it when his life is in danger because of the adrenaline rush that he feels every time that happens. This is the kind of excitement that he got every time he is fighting those evil alien, whose dream is to rule the galaxy. But, that don't happen daily so he need some kind of recreation to make his spirits high. When he went to a nearby planet, there was a race competition going on. He got invited and he take on the challenge.

Drive your futuristic car as fast as you can. Your car will take on your form as a person or an alien. But, it won't have any especial powers since you are not going to use it in this game. The goal is to finish the race at least at the third spot so you can unlock the next level. Each level would be different from the race, so expect a hair racing experience from the race. You need to stay on the road all the time to keep your speed. If you go on the side then your speed will be reduced.

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