Ben 10: ATV Jungle Rush

By this time, you are already aware that Ben likes excitement and this is what he gets from fighting alien. However, he can't get it all the time as those evil alien doesn't always come. During those times, Ben is bored and would often look for some alternative to fighting alien. He experimented on a lot of things and found that the best way to get that much excitement is through riding ATV. Thanks to Grandpa Max and the Plumbers, he was able to buy his very own ATV. Driving ATV on the road wouldn't be an excitement so he needs to drive it in the jungle, where it fits.

Drive your ATV as fast as fast as you can, but don't try to overdo it or you will have an accident. Safety must always come first on everything that you do. Everyone knows that we have only one life and that we should not take it for regret since we can't be always lucky to escape death. That is why; it is important to drive safely every time we are driving a vehicle. Collect as many omnitrix on the road while you are on your way to the finish line.

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