Ben 10 and Ghost

Ben Tennyson got a lot of enemies and it seems that everywhere he goes, danger also follows. Most of the time, the threat comes from an alien, but there are times when some mad scientist try to take over the world. Whatever danger comes, Ben is always prepared since he is the wielder of the powerful alien device known as the Omnitrix. However, is he prepared for something super natural? What can he do when he comes face to face with a ghost?

In this game, you would know that Ben is not without limits after all as he can't do anything about a ghost that is harassing him. The ghost seems to follow him wherever he goes. He can jump and run fast, but he an never lose the ghost. He met the ghost while skiing. You need to make sure that the ghost never capture him, but that won't be easy since there are lots of obstacles that might slow him down. Grab those coins and other power ups while you are trying to escape from the ghost. There are also life that could help you escape from the ghost. Remember that your lives will prevent the ghost from capturing you so when you loose all of them, the game ends.

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