Ben 10 Ghost Town

Ben Tennyson is in a lot of trouble this time as his Omnitrix is not working in this place. No, his watch is not broken, but the mystic forces at work here seems to render the alien device helpless. This time, Ben can't transform into one of his alien heroes to fight the ghost. He would have to rely on the martial arts that he learns from his cousin Gwen, when they were just kids. There was a reported anomaly and the Plumbers think that it is the work of an alien so they send in Ben to investigate. It was already late when they found out that it has nothing to do with aliens. Ben have no choice, but to beat all those ghost in the town.

The idea of the game is to beat every ghost in town. As usual, you start with the easy ones, but as you go deeper, you will need to face stronger enemies and that will be harder. There are times when you need to retreat since the enemies will overwhelm you, but that is tactic that you need to do. This tactic will allow you to recuperate and stop them from attacking you. When they stop attacking, that is the time to attack them and get rid of them.

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