Ben 10 Malware's Revenge

If you are a Ben 10 fan then you should know that one of Ben's favorite transformation is the robot like alien that lets him control any machine. With the help of the alien DNA, he can boost the power of any machine he is controlling. The mechamorps are created by Asmutt and the latter gives them the power to think of their own. Truly, they are a force to be reckon with if they are evil. However, everything has its good and evil in this world. One day, there was a solar storm and it somehow corrupted one of the mechamorps. That is the story of Malware. Ben was able to defeat this evil mechamorp, but Malware bow that he would return and take his revenge. One day, while Ben was with his Grandpa Max, he receives a call from Malware telling him that he is back with a vengeance.

Explore the ship and destroy any Malware that you find. Collect those Omnitrix to pwoer up your device. You can switch between Spider Monkey and Shocksquatch. Remember that you can only transform into an alien if there are juices left on your power bar. It's time to stop Malware!!!

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