Ben 10 Armoured Attack 2

In a twist of event, Ben's omnitrix loses its power and most of the alien races that can be seen in his watch has turned against Ben. As if things can't get worst, now these aliens want to rule the universe together and they know that Ben would be a threat once again if he gets his powers back. They just couldn't take the risk and decided to eliminate Ben and Plumbers. In a last attempt to save the world, the Plumbers gave Ben their most high tech truck to defend the planet. This truck is full of weapons that could annihilate the aliens. Ben is now equip with the latest technology and is ready to go, but can he defeat the alien menace that are revolting against him.

The game can be played with a mouse and a keyboard. There are two ways to kill aliens and that is to run over them or to shoot them. Running over the aliens would require you to gather momentum first. You can only run over the aliens that are on the ground. However, aliens aren't the only ones that you should watch for as there are also some missile launcher and this can't be run over. The game also ends if you fall on your back or crash it somehow.

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