Ben 10 Train Champ

Ben Tennyson always relies on his Omnitrix and that is why he beats his enemies. That is a fact that everyone can't deny, but what other people doesn't know about him is that he is also athletic. The skills the he brings when he becomes an alien is truly exceptional and some might think that it is because he is now an alien, but the truth is further. His athletic ability help his power as an alien to become more formidable than he is already. Combining his alien powers with his athletic ability, he has become one of the world's greatest hero. In one of the scenes, he was chasing an alien and he can't transform because his watch is broken. He shows his exceptional skills by jumping from one rail to another till there are no threat.

This game demonstrate his athletic ability and you will be relying on that since there are no alien watch that can help you here. The character keeps on running so you would just need to jump and keep on jumping. The idea here is to make sure that you don't get squash by the screen. However, that won't be easy since there are many obstacles in the train that you need to jump over.

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