Ben 10 in Pac Land

Ben 10 is always fighting aliens. Most of the time, he traveling across the galaxy to fight those evil alien that want to do the universe some harm. IN one of those travel, he had gotten himself into another dimension while chasing one of the aliens. The place is different from the world he lives in. The people are all round and they are eaten by these ghost. However, when they eat a pellet they can chomp on the ghosts. When the ghosts saw Ben, they immediately go after him as they want to chomp him down. Ben can't do anything, but run, fortunately one of the citizens told him that he need to eat power pellet to chomp on the ghosts. And that is what he did. As time goes by, he was called the chomper with unknown proportion.

The game is played via arrow keys and the idea here is to chomp those ghost down. But, you can't just chomp them down as they will just eat you if you did. What you need to do is to eat a power pellet before you can chomp on those ghosts. The downside is that there are only limited power pellets so you need to make sure that every last one counts.

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