Ben 10 Maze

Everyone depends on Ben 10, so when Ben was trap in a maze full of traps and robot, everyone began panicking. You can see that is how well they depend on the young boy with the alien watch. One thing is certain, without Ben, people will be scared to go out with all the evil outside their house that are trying to do them harm. Fortunately, Ben wants to escape and help them out; he won't be stop by those mere robots. Once, that Ben escape then the world will feel safe once again. That is how important Ben Tennyson to the world.

Ben 10 is inside a maze and you need to help him out so that he will be free. However, it is easier said as the maze is guarded by robots. The objective is to paint all the blocks to get to the next level. You can destroy the robots when you got an omnitrix, but you would only have a few seconds to use your power. Try to paint all the blocks before the robots gets you. There are eight levels in the game, in which you need to figure out how you can paint all the blocks.

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