Ben 10 Zombieland

Everything is now in chaos as the zombies have taken over the world. The living has gone into hiding so the zombies won't get them. Fortunately, there is a little hope left as Ben is now here. He spent several months in space and now that, he is here, he will surely get rid of all the zombies. He still have the alien watch, but he knows that he can't use it this time because if he gets bitten, he would transforms into one of those horrifying creatures. If that happens, then the world will be truly be in chaos. It would be too terrible as his alien power would surely cause havoc wherever he goes. He used Grandpa Max's RV to destroy the zombies. That way he don't need to be close to them to get bitten.

Drive the RV as fast as you can, but always make sure that safety precaution is always on your mind. The vehicle got a light case, so you need to be careful when driving. There are no time limit in this game. The game can end in an instant, if the RV falls into one of the pits. You also need to be careful enough that it won't flip on its back.

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