Ben 10 Battle

Ben Tennyson and his best friend become enemies again as Kevin want to take over the some cities because he knows that there are powerful alien artifacts hidden inside. He sided with the evil aliens out to get the artifacts while Ben sided with the good alien that wants to protect the artifact. Both sides don't want to lose and they know that losing is not an option. They would battle in a floating iceberg and they need to knock out their enemies using some snow balls. Though, they are enemies now, they don't want to hurt the other guy seriously.

The game is played via mouse and you need to aim and shoot the ice ball. You will be using a cannon to shoot the projectile, but you need to calculate the distance of the enemy before you can knock them off the ice berg. That would be hard, but your scenario is also the same scenario that your enemy is facing. You can play with a friend or by your own. If you play by your own then you will need to follow the quest, which embarks you by level battles. There are two ways to knock your opponent out; the first one is to knock them off the ice berg and the second one is when their life points goes down to zero.

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