Ben 10 Fishing

Fighting for the good of mankind is hard work, but Ben isn't complaining. For him, winning against those aliens are the best thing that he can do. Besides, he gets recognition from his hero stuffs, making him more popular. He want to become popular because girls like popular guys. However, Ben is still a young boy that need time off his work. If he can't do that then he would be boring and that is something that Ben won't want to be when he grows up. When Grandpa Max was going to the lake to go fishing, he ask him if he could go with him, in which his grandpa quickly said yes. He was so delighted to be able to fish with his grandpa and brought his fishing gear. Both of them know that they need to be quiet so they separate and head on to their separate spot on the lake.

The game is played via mouse and you need to launch the line when you see the fish. You need to hook the fish so you can catch it. There are other things on the lake that are not fish and you don't want that for sure.

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