Ben 10 Ultimate Force 2

Dr. Animo is back once again and this time, he is more ruthless than ever. He is bringing back a predator from the past that is well-known for its appetite for meat. The creature known as T-Rex is now a reality and is causing some problem to lots of people because they will be the prey of the beast. No one can stop this beast except for Ben 10. Of course, he would transform into one of his alien to fight this monstrosity because it is too powerful for him as a human. Fighting it without transforming first is a suicide mission.

The idea of the game is to reach the finish line safely. It would be advisable to avoid the beasts in the game. At least, till you had transformed into an alien. You need to find an X signal to be able to transform into Heatblast. There is another alien you an transform into, but you will need a different signal for that. Collect those omnitrix for added points. You can punch those giant rats as they aren't much of a threat compared to T-rex. There are no time limit in the game, so you an take all the time in the world to finish a level.

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