Ben 10 Jeep Race

Everyone thinks that Ben 10 is all about fighting aliens. Well, actually, no, he also fights evil scientists on the side. Naah, just kidding, the truth is that he knows how to have fun like all of us. Inside those power is a boy looking to have fun with some recreation. Actually, recreation is not just for the young as it is a good practice even for the old to have some excitement in his life to keep the blood flowing.

When Ben found out that there is a race that is going on, he immediately registered, but his problem is that he don't owned a jeep. Luckily, his father owns one and is willing to lend it to him. Of course, he needs to guarantee that there won't be a single damage on the jeep.

Drive the jeep as fast as you can and make sure that you get ahead of your opponents. There will be no place for you in this race except the first place. If you got a second or third position then the game is over and you can't proceed to the next level. If you have to bang the other jeep to get ahead of them, do so to win the game.

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