Ben 10 Revolution

Ben Tennyson always relies on his alien watch and there is no wrong with that since it is all powerful. With the help of the Omnitrix, he is able to transform into more than 10 different aliens. Each one of them got their own characteristics and power. But, the problem arises, when the Omnitrix was showing some damage. Somehow, it affects the alien DNA in the device. The aliens got free and now they are about to take revenge on Ben for misusing their powers. However, Ben won't give in that easily as he is ready to fight against the aliens, even without his watch. Ben carries a bazooka to fight the aliens.

The game is played via mouse. Just move the mouse on your end and you will Ben moving to where you want. Click on the left button to shoot the bazooka. Hold the left button to increase the reach of the bazooka blast. You need to kill the required amount of aliens to go to the next level. There will be some power ups that can help you in your fight. The game gets harder as you progress in the game. Expect non-stop action in this game.

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