Ben 10 Bike Remix

Ben Tennyson likes to play rough and that that is why; he is able to defeat all those aliens that are trying to do him bad. Aside from his tough persona, he also has his alien watch to rely on. With the help of the alien device, he is able to transform into more than 10 different aliens. But, what does he do whenever there are no alien threats?

For sure, the whole world would want to know and this game gives light to that. Ben is like any average person as he also likes to have fun. One of his ways to have fun is riding his bike. When he was invited in a race outside the planet, Ben was very glad. He brought his bike and rode all the way.

The idea of the game is to drive the bike until you get to the finish line. However, that won't be easy as it sound. There will be obstacles trying to stop you from doing that. Obstacles come in the form of electric fences, cliff, and alien bugs. You can jump over them to reach your destination. There are times when you an just run over those alien bugs and they do give you additional points.

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