Ben 10 Jump Space

Ben 10 is synonymous with the world alien. And whenever we heard alien, we know that it could only come from outer space. An alien could be a friend or a foe. You just need to know what you are doing before reacting to it. Space holds a lot of aliens and that is something that we should know, but that is no reason to fear the space. Like anything on this land, space holds a lot of wonderful things left unexplored. Unfortunately, not all of us will have the capability to explore it. Ben is lucky that he has friends in high places, whom have help him to travel space back and forth. Now, it seem that Ben is trying to reach a different goal other than fighting aliens. Recently some people saw him jumping from platform into another. The platform has already reached the sky, but Ben has no plans of stopping as he wants to go to space by means of jumping.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to jump from one platform to another. There are bonuses on some platforms and you can claim it when you reach that platform. Don't try to stay on one platform forever as there is a missile that will be release to knock you down.

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