Ben 10 Fighting Adventure

The aliens are here and Ben 10 is on the case. We know how dependable Ben is and there is nothing to worry since he will fight those alien with the help of the alien device that gives him the power to change into an alien. However, the problem is that the Omnitrix is broken and will need repairs before it can be used again. This time, Ben can't rely on his watch to get him through some tough situation. He needs to get by with just a laser gun, given by his Grandpa Max. It is better than nothing, besides Ben is still the hero that he ought to be minus the cosmic powers.

The game is played via keyboard and you need to eradicate those alien from the face of the planet. Try not to get hit since the alien got their own blaster as well, you need to use your wits to win against them. There are no power-ups in the game that you can use against the alien. You just need to depend on your tactics to win. Fortunately, there are no timer to put you in a rush. You can play the game as fast as you want it.

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