Ben 10 Kungfu

Ben has been to a lot of fights lately and he noticed that his opponents are getting tougher and tougher as he learns more about the alien device. He realized that someday, his opponents will eventually defeat him even with the powerful device. He need something to add to his alien transforming powers. Perhaps learning martial arts will help him fight them as they are not prepare for something like that. Ben have researched a lot of martial arts and came up with the conclusion that Kungfu is the best choice for him. It is just right for someone, who doesn't have a heavy frame. He could easily adapt it to his alien transformation if needed. So, Ben learned Kungfu to defeat his enemies.

Unfortunately, in this game, the alien device has no used. You need to rely on your kungfu skills to fight those alien one by one. Don't worry, as the alien will come one at a time and they don't have high-tech weapons. They will just a fist fight with you. Be ready to fight back and try to knock them out as early as possible. As you knock one down, the game will prompt you to move on.

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