Ben 10 Sniper

Ben has many enemies because he does good. Fortunately, none of them has ever defeated him to a fight. One of his enemies is the Forever Knights because they want to harm all aliens. Ben knows that some aliens are good, so he fights them. Since then, they are holding a grudge against Ben. There comes a time, when they can't hold their grudge anymore that they decided to hire an assassin to kill him. From then on, the assassin follows Ben wherever he goes. Looking for an opportunity to kill him. He is familiar with Ben's powers and would not dare to engage him in a mano y mano combat.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here to find all the Ben 10 logos in the picture. If you find one, shoot it and you will score. Try to find it as fast as possible so that you will have plenty of points. Look for it in the part of the picture that you wouldn't find something because the game really hides it well. There are no time limit in the game. Once you find all the Ben 10 logos, you can advance to the next level.

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