Ben 10 Snowmobile

By now, you should understand that Ben likes his bike so much that he would take it anywhere he goes, if he can. But, we all know that, he can't simply do that as not every place is right for his bike. This time, Ben were sent to a mission in Antarctica to investigate and alien sighting. of course, he can't use his bike here since, it would just sink in the snow. But, there is an alternative to the bike that Ben got exited upon knowing what he would be suing on this mission. This time, he would try his hands on the snowmobile and that makes Ben very excited.

Drive the snowmobile as fast as you can, just like you would drive a bike in a normal road. Grab those omnitrix on the snow for added points. Make sure to stay focus while driving since the road ahead will be slippery because of the snow. There will be no road, so expect to have a hard time driving. The game doesn't have any timer and you should be happy since you can take as much time as you want to finish the game. Expect to have a hard time as you progress in the game.

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