Ben 10 Mini Truck

Ben 10 is a man of action and will never sit something that he could do. If you say that to him, then there is a chance that he will still do it since he would just be bored to death if he didn't' do anything. That is why; he is considered as one of the best heroes of the world and sometimes even the galaxies. There are some occasions, where he has save the galaxies before and aliens do love him for that, but that is another story. However, it is not every day that Ben would go on an adventure. Most of the time, he would just try to have fun. One of his pastimes is driving and a four wheeler is certainly one of his favorite vehicles.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. However, going there is difficult than just saying it since the road that you need to drive your truck is perilous. One mistake and you could die from trying. There are no exceptions, even if you are Ben here. Safety is always a must when driving. Grab those stars for added points. Make sure that Ben is unharmed in this game.

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