ben 10 delivery

Ben is the kind of guy that never to sit on one corner as he gets bored easily. That is do those super hero stuffs in the first place. He doesn't do it just because he hates those aliens, but just for the sake of he needed something to do. When Ben was asked to deliver a deadly chemical to a company, he didn't hesitate even though, this job is clearly dangerous as the chemical might spill and he might be infected with unknown disease. Clearly, this shows how brave our young hero is, but that is not the focus of this game as it centers on him delivering something for the company.

Wait till the chemicals are all loaded at the back of your truck. Drive your truck as fast as possible till you get to the warehouse. But, that doesn't mean that you won't drive with safety in mind. Safety precautions must always be practiced whenever we are driving. It is not only for our good, but will also ensure that there will be fewer cargoes lost on a trip. After arriving at the warehouse, you need to park your truck and wait for a few seconds for the cargoes to be unloaded.

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