Ben 10 Against the Aliens

Asmutt is the one that created the powerful Omnitrix. The device will allow anyone to transform into different beings. The device was created to let the other species know what its like to be in another alien's shoe, but Vilgax has plans that is more than that. Apparently, his plans have nothing to do with recreation as he wants the Omnitrix to turn his army into an alien transforming into other aliens to easily rule the galaxy. When Asmutt finds out about Vilgax plans, he sent the device to Earth, and Ben had retrieved it. Ben wasn't aware of the power it possess, but somehow, he was able to use its power. Vilgax got mad and sent in more drone to retrieve the device, but Ben trash them all. Now, Vilgax is desperate enough that he had sent some of the most vicious aliens around the galaxy to after Ben 10. The world responded and fought, but they were no match without Ben. Fortunately, Ben was there to help them fight the invading aliens.

The idea of the game is to kill the aliens. Sometimes, there will be ships to fight. Shoot all of them down before they can even react. Grab those green orb to get more points.

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