Ben 10 Halloween Bike

In the middle of the night, most people won't want to go out because of fear that they might see something unusual. This fear is even more greater when Halloween is around because all the evil spirits are out of their grave and roaming around near their love ones. This is the night that they can go wherever they go because this is their night. Some of them are good, but there are those that are good for nothing and would cause some harm on the living. But, there is nothing to fear as long as Ben is around. Ben is not only courageous against the aliens, but also on the ghosts.

Using his bike, he will drive over those host to get rid of them. This would be troublesome for some, but not for Ben. The idea of this game is to get to the finish line without crashing. There are ghost all around and you need to get them to get more points. The host maybe terrifying for most, but the real danger in the dark are the steep hills. you need to balance your bike at all times or you will land on your head.

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