Ben 10 Chase Down 2

Ben Tennyson is back with his secret service job and as always, he is signed to take down those mafia on the road. The president is bothered that there are so much mafia on the road and will surely pick on the little people. He knows that he can't assign this to a normal person since the mafia will make sure to make that person's life miserable. By picking on Ben, the mafia will be afraid to make some action since Ben is that powerful. However, the president specially mentioned to Ben that he should not use the Omnitrix in this case, but he will be permitted if he don't have any choices left.

Drive your car as fast as possible. Grab those omnitrix sign on the road to get more points. You will know when there are targets nearby since there will be an arrow pointing in the direction of the target. You can dispose of the target in two ways; either by bumping into it until it crashes or you can use the special bullet that your car is loaded with. The game will become much harder as you progress in the game.

Think you can handle the excitement?

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