Ben 10 Master of Flame

Earth is in trouble as an alien race of flaming bugs are attacking us. They want to take over the world as they need to feed. They intend to feed on us in order for their race to survive. Earth forces are no match against this alien. Fortunately, Ben arrive just in the nick of time and offered his help. He transformed into Heatblast to match the alien's firepower. Now, the fight is a match as a fire can extinguish a fire, but the problem is that there are too many aliens that Ben will have to fight. It will take more than skills and power for him to win this war. He will be needing some help.

The game is played via mouse and you need to keep to firing kill a bug. Yes, that is how tough these alien bugs and all of them won't go out without a fight. You also need to watch out from the bugs that will come from behind. A single bump from these guys is enough to end the game. There are no power ups in the game. You need to survive till the end. Expect harder levels up ahead.

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