Ben 10 Bike Trip 2

Ben Tennyson is a hardworking boy, but we all know that all work and no play makes you a boring person, so let's give him a chance to enjoy himself. He does like biking as this is a good way to keep your mind off of something. You will see a lot of places, but too bad, that he can't use this all the time since most of the times, there are evil alien or scientist on their way to cause some trouble for everyone. Ben, being the hero that he is would gladly give his vacation just to protect us, so he really deserves a break from all of it. Fortunately, he did find a time, so he drop his bike and began riding his bike. He ride his bike as long as he can to make sure that he would enjoy the evening. This is a one in a lifetime chance as there are no threats around.

Ride on your bike and keep riding it till you reach the finish line. Make sure that you won't fell on your back when you are riding. Besides, you won't get anything from doing stunts. However, you can gather those omnitrix for more points.

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