Ben 10 Partner Adventure

We know how powerful Ben 10 as he had proven it many times before. In his family, he is not the only powerful kid as his cousin, Gwen is also powerful. In fact, her alien powers rivals that of the Omnitrix since she got an unlimited source of power. Apparently, she inherited it from her grandmother, who is also an alien herself. Their grandmother comes from a race of a powerful alien being. Unfortunately, Gwen is the only one that has the same powers with their grandmother. Ben and Gwen were always fighting together when they were kids and has enhance their powers since then. Now, their powers are greater than before because they have always been competitive with one another.

In this game, You need to control both to finish a level. Each one of them got their own power that can be use against their enemies. Their abilities are not the same, so you need to use both of them to pass a level. Ben can not be afflicted with fire elements, but will surely die from water elements. Gwen on the other hand has the power against water, but must not touch the fire element or she would die. If either one dies, the game ends.

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