Ben 10: Gadgets 2

Ben 10 has a wonderful gadgets that he uses whenever he gets in trouble. And sometimes, he uses it impress others, especially the girls. Anyway, it helps him to be familiar with the new alien transformation. It sure helps him whenever he is fighting an evil alien or scientist. That is what his gadget can do, which is also known as the Omnitrix. Asmutt has been experimenting with some new gadgets lately, but he didn't know that someone was watching him. After he finishes the gadgets, they stole it from him. He call on Ben Tennyson to retrieve the stolen gadgets for him as he knows that Ben can do it. Otherwise, the whole world might be in danger. Each gadget possesses the power of the Omnitrix and some are even more powerful than Ben's gadget. Ben knew the danger of this mission, but he likes to be challenge so, he accepted it anyway.

Walk around and shoot anything that moves. Collect and complete the gadgets before going to the portal. Grab some of the omnitrix for some points. You can change into different aliens and all of them has their shooter. Even Ben has his own shooter, as well.

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