ben 10 vs undead

Everything is now in chaos as the world is run by the undead. There seems to be no hope as the dead keeps on multiplying. The government sent some soldiers to handle the situation, but the zombies are too much for them. Fortunately, Ben just arrives and has reinforced the troops. Now, the world has a fighting chance. However, Ben can't still use his Omnitrix because it was broken when he was fighting an inter-galactic threat. Being, the tough guy that he is, he won't back out from the zombies, he grab a gun, knife and a grenade to fight the zombies. He knows that he can win the war if the people of the world will keep on fighting with him.

Walk around the street and wait for the zombies to attack. If you can fight them with a knife then do so, but it would be best if you just use the guns and use grenade if there are too many. The zombies are tough and you will just get injured if you let them get close to you. You can also run if they get too close to you to make some breathing room. You will earn money after every level. You can use the money to upgrade your weapon, life span and head shot. You can also use it to buy more grenades or heal yourself.

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