Ben 10 The Journey

Ben 10 is in another adventure, but this time, he can't use his Omnitrix. Actually, he don't need to use his Omnitrix as there are no serious threats around. The threats here can be handled as all he needs to do is to jump high and that is something that he want to do. He want to prove that he can do something even without his Omnitrix and this would be a perfect opportunity for it. Whatever made him go in this dangerous path sure has something to do with the adrenaline and not with some alien threats.

In this game, you won't be needing the power of the Omnitrix. You just need to keep on jumping to make sure that you won't hit the obstacles. The obstacles here are the rocks, short bamboo pole and the steep hill that can send you to death if you are not careful enough. Grab those coins for some bonus points. The idea here is to keep on jumping as the screen keeps on moving. You need to avoid the obstacles while you are running in the game. If you hit the obstacles several times then it would be over for you.

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