Ben 10 Race Car

We all know, how Ben lies to be challenge. That is why; he often battles the strongest opponent. Whether it is from this planet or from another galaxy, there is no way that he would easily back out. When he got his first race car, he wanted to find out how would he do in a tough environment so he left t race in another world. Sure enough, the environment was really tough and this would definitely give him the challenge that he want. The question that remains in the mind of everyone is whether he is up for the challenge or would give up if faces with the harshest environment.

Drive the car and race as fast as you can go. Make sure that you won't be incurring an accident, but if you do, don't worry, this game has a save point, meaning that you will start from the last save point if you should die while racing. Besides, there are no limits to the number of try that you could do in this game. Drive your way all though the road without making a mistake if you can. The game will be harder as you progress, but that is the challenge of the game.

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