Ben 10 Space Chase

Ben 10 has spent most of his time fighting alien and some of those are spent outer space since the threat comes there. This makes Ben one of the few people, who are an expert outside the planet. Recently, a group of scientists a rare rock that could help mankind progress more, but there problem is that it could only be found outside the planet, so they will need the service of someone who have been there. Ben is one of their options and luckily, Ben agreed to get some of the space rocks for the scientists. Ben is willing to get most of the space rocks for scientists and he would get paid for doing it. As much as Ben wants to be a hero, he also want to get all the things that he ever wanted. We all know that nothing is free in this world.

This is about Ben time exploring the outerspace in his space suit. He won't be needing his Omnitrix in this game as this game is all about collecting rocks. The game will keep your character running and all you need to do is to jump to avoid obstacles, and get the space rocks.

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