Ben 10 Jumping

Whenever Ben 10 has the time, he would often use his skateboard to have a great time. While doing some stunts with his skateboard, he forgets about the dangers that lies beneath. Sometimes, we really need to take our mind off something because that would be too detrimental for us, if we keep thinking about it. Skateboarding is one of Ben's fashion and is also a great way to take his mind off some of the galaxies' threat. However, skateboarding is not as easy as it seems since you might incur an accident if you are not careful enough. In fact, even the pros, who have been doing it for years are making some mistake and ends up getting an accident. But, that won't stop them from doing it simply because they like what they are doing and they enjoy it.

In this game, your character moves on its own. All you need to do now is time your jump well, so you can pass the obstacles. If you time it right then you won't have a problem, but timing it wrong will cause your character to start all over. If you run out of lives then the game will be over.

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